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Welcome To The Princess Leia Blasters Section

he Princess Leia Blaster has three main colour variations. Some examples may appear translucent. TIG believes the translucent effect is created during the injection moulding process and is a result of an insufficient amount of dye being added to the plastic and/or poorly mixed pigment granules. The translucency can sometimes be visible to the naked eye but is better seen when held to a light source. Although translucent coloured versions are not strictly variants TIG has opted to feature and list some of the known examples.


The Princess Leia Blaster was produced throughout the entire line and came with four of the five variations of the Princess Leia figure:

  • Princess Leia Organa
  • Princess Leia Hoth
  • Princess Leia Bespin
  • Princess Leia Poncho - Lili Ledy Only

It was produced in three colours: Blue, Blue / Black, and in the case of the Lili Ledy line Grey!

Basic Princess Leia Blaster Colour to Figure Guide

The Dark Blue / Black Princess Leia Blaster was released with the following figures:

1, Princess Leia Organa (Original)

2, Princess Leia Bespin


The Blue Princess Leia Blaster was released with the following figures:

1, Princess Leia Hoth

2, Princess Leia Bespin  


The Grey Princess Leia Blaster was released with the following figure:

1, Princess Leia Poncho Lili Ledy

Princess Leia Blaster Original V1

This version of the Leia Blaster has slightly different details where the barrel meets the body just above the clip (See highlighted picture). This area is also indented and the amount of indention can vary.

The detailing on this version is very sharp in comparison to other versions.


V1 - Blue.


V1 - Translucent Green / Blue.

Princess Leia Blaster Original V2


V2 - Dark Blue / Black.

Princess Leia Blaster Original V3


V3 - Dark Blue.


V3 Grey Lili Ledy Exclusive.

Princess Leia Blaster Original V4


V4 - Blue, rougher Sculpt.

V4 - Blue, smooth Sculpt. 


Princess Leia Blaster REPRO V1


V1 - Cast in Blue.


V1 - Cast in Black.

Note: no original Leia Blasters were cast in Solid Black.


V1 - Cast in Grey.

Princess Leia Blaster REPRO V2


V2 - Cast in Black.

This REPRO is much thicker and lacks the detailing found on the originals.



Princess Leia Blaster REPRO V3

V3 - Moulded in Black Plastic.

This REPRO has the vertical line present above the magazine clip and an EPM added. However, there is no circle. This REPRO floats when placed in water.


Princess Leia Blaster REPRO V4 - Lili Ledy Grey Blaster

This repro first appeared on the market in November 2014. It comes from Mexico and is made from resin. The blaster attempts to copy the Princess Leia Poncho Lili Ledy Grey Blaster. As can be seen from the comparison photo it's difficult to tell from an original. This blaster sounds like an original during the drop test but fails the float test and will sink when placed in water.

Princess Leia Blaster REPRO V5

This repro comes from a set of six floating blasters (read more HERE). It mimics an original by floating when placed on water and rising back to the surface when submerged. The blaster is cast in a Rigid, Shiny, Black plastic with Excess Flashing.


Princess Leia Blaster REPRO V6
Additional pictures coming soon!
More than 1000 of these Leia blasters which TIG believe are reproductions were uncovered in the UK in 2017. They came with the back story of being found at the Palitoy factory garbage bin by the son of an employee, as well as being replacement stock for the 'Kenner really do care' program.

Repro blaster on far right. Squared-off back end version.
The blaster floats just like an original. The back of the blaster is the major give-away as it is bigger than originals and has been 'squared-off' as opposed to the rounder originals. There are also some differences found on the 'bolt head' located on the magazine clip. The barrel is very thick.

V6 Repro squared-off version
V6 Repro Modified Back End Version.
Shortly after the release of the Squared-off version came a more rounded version which we will label as the Modified Back End version.