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Welcome To The Jawa Blasters Section

The Jawa Blaster has two main colour variations. Some examples may appear translucent. TIG believes the translucent effect is created during the injection moulding process and is a result of an insufficient amount of dye being added to the plastic and/or poorly mixed pigment granules. The translucency can sometimes be visible to the naked eye but is better seen when held to a light source. Although translucent coloured versions are not strictly variants TIG has opted to feature and list some of the known examples.


The Jawa was one of the first twelve figures released and saw a full production run right through to the final POTF cardbacks. Because of this there are a number of variations to be found.

It's important to note that the Brazilian Glasslite line included a Jawa blaster with their Princess Leia Organa figure. The blaster came in either a Silver or Solid Black colour.

Note: The only Solid Black version of the Jawa Blaster is the Glasslite issue.

The Jawa Blaster Original V1


V1 - Solid Dark Blue / Black with Raised Bump.


V1 - Solid Blue with Raised Bump.


V1 - Semi-translucent Blue with Raised Bump.


V1 - Solid Green with Raised Bump.

Note: In hand this blaster has distinct green tones which is difficult to see properly in the photo below.


The Jawa Blaster Original V2


V2 - Solid Dark Blue, no Raised Bump.

The Jawa Blaster Original V3


V3 - Solid Blue / Black, with Raised Bump, Rough Texture.


 V3 - Translucent Green with Raised Bump, Rough Texture.

The Jawa Blaster Original V4


V4 - Translucent Blue, no Raised Bump, Rough Texture.


 V4 - Solid Blue / Black, no Raised Bump, Rough Texture.

This weapon is taken from a Meccano Jawa MOC.

The Jawa Blaster Original V5 (Leia Glasslite)


V5 - Glasslite Silver Jawa Blaster.

This Jawa blaster came with the Glasslite original Leia. 




V5 - Glasslite Black Jawa Blaster.

This version of the Jawa Blaster came with the Glasslite original Han Solo. 

(Note - This version of the Jawa Blaster is the only true Solid Black Jawa blaster).


The Jawa Blaster REPRO V1


This Jawa Blaster REPRO is one of the most common on the market. It was mass produced in Asia during the 1990s.


V1 - Cast in Black.


V1 - cast in Blue.


V1 - cast in Grey.

The Jawa Blaster REPRO V2 


V2 - Cast in Blue / Black.

The Jawa Blaster REPRO V3


V3 - Cast in Silver.

The Jawa Blaster REPRO V4

A poor cast created from an original blaster.

The Jawa Blaster REPRO Blaster V5

This repro comes from a set of six floating blasters (read more HERE). It mimics an original by floating when placed on water and rising back to the surface when submerged. The blaster is cast in a Rigid, Shiny, Black plastic with Excess Flashing.


The Jawa Blaster REPRO V6
This repro was discovered in August 2017. It floats and has an injection point at the front end unlike any other original Jawa Blaster. The blaster has a slightly textured/rough surface, irregular seam and small injection point.