Last Updated: 21 January 2017

NEW (15/17) Repro 3D-printed Weapons on the market
As far as TIG is aware these are the first 3D-printed vintage Star Wars 3.75 accessories to become commercially available. Printed by a well-known studio, these first wave weapons will not be difficult to confuse with originals due to their texture and the identifiable marking of the letter 'R' cut into the plastic. The included photos are taken directly from the manufacturer and have been lightened by TIG to pick out the texture. Blasters available so far: Rebel, Imperial, Palace, Bespin, Pilot, Biker Scout, Endor.

The Imperial Gunnery wishes our members, visitors and friends a very happy 2017! Some more updates coming soon, but for now we've added new information on the original 4-LOM Chest Armour, Rancor Keeper Hood and Y-Wing bombs. Contact us over at the forum if you have any news on the latest repros or undocumented originals. 


NEW (11/16) Forum news... check out TIG's new work-in-progress guide for the Argentinian line of action figures Top Toys! Click the pic below...


NEW (09/16) Repro Biker Scout Blasters V4 and V5 *** 2-1B Medical Staff Original V2 and Repro V2 *** Teebo Battle Horn Original letters A and C.


NEW (09/16) Repro DT and Telescoping lightsabers added: Vader V4, V5, V6. Ben V4 and V5. Luke V4, V5, V6, V7 and V8. Go to the Lightsabers section.



TIG Figure Of The Week

Come check out TIG's Updated Figure Of The Week Section! Click the pic above for vintage figure goodness!




Get your hands on some official TIG lifesize repro!!

Click on the pics to find out more!




NEW (06/16) New variant added: V6 Yoda belt - and other updates made to Yoda belts. See  here


NEW (05/16) Pictures added for the Dagobah Backpack and Survival Kit Gas Masks. Updates made for 2-1B Mouth Attachments and 4-LOM Chest Armor. See here


NEW (04/16) Original 2-1B Mouth Attachment variations.


NEW (04/16) V2 Ugnaught Tool Box Original added to the guide.


NEW (04/16) Reproduction parts for the vintage line of die cast vehicles. Please visit our good friends at Vintage Star Wars Die Cast Toys and check out their reproduction section.


NEW (04/16) Toyz In Da Hood(s) ... Updates made for Logray, Teebo, Paploo, Wcket, Rancor Keeper and Princess Leia Poncho in the Helmets and Hoods section. 


NEW (04/16) Spring Clean up ... We don't want to get caught by the Empire with our pants down, so we've removed all belt accessories from their old section in 'Other Accessories' to our brand new section called ... BELTS!


NEW (03/16) Updates for Chief Chirpa Hood ** 4-LOM Chest Armor ** Leia Poncho Belt V2 ** Bib Fortuna Belt V2 ** Logray Pouch V3 +++ updated photos elsewhere on the site - more photo updates coming soon!


NEW (02/16) What are translucent weapons and accessories? Is a light test a helpful way to confirm originals? Check out TIG's updated Float, Drop and Light Test


NEW (02/16) V4 Orignal Tusken Raider Gaderffi Stick added and other updates.


Happy New Year from the Imperial Gunnery and a big welcome to all our newest members. If you haven't joined the forum yet then click HERE and register today! Here are our first updates for 2016:


(01/16) Updates to Squid Head Belts *** Palace Blaster REPRO V2 Grey added *** Updates to AT-AT REPRO Chin Guns *** Pilot Blaster ORIGINAL V5b added *** Updates to Rebel Commando Rifle


(11/15): Watch out - New Repro Soft Goods!

These new repro cloth accessories for the ERG, Yoda, Squidhead, Prune Face, Klaatu, 4-LOM, Ugnaught, Luke Jedi and Luke Poncho are currently available on eBay. Check our section Cloth Capes & Skirts for individual pics.


(10/15): Special Repro Report: the 'place holder' repros

This set of poorly moulded 'place holder' repros featuring the Bespin blaster REPRO V2, Rebel blaster REPRO V5 and Imperial blaster REPRO V10 was discovered in July 2015. You can read the full report over at the forum HERE


WATCH OUT! (07/15): REPRO Early Bird Kit Action Stand Coupons are on the market!

An eBay seller has been printing these coupons and passing them off as original. TIG advises caution if you are in the market for one of these paperwork pieces. For more information see the archive entry Here and read the Rebelscum thread. 


(05/15): TIG's statement on the recent discovery of two Luke Stormtrooper Trilogo MOCs containing Blue / Black blasters LINK - V1-C Imperial Blaster  


(05/15): "Two Right Feet" - updates on a new way to spot some of the First Issue Poontrooper fake figures LINK



Debunking the Float Test myth

(04/15)... A TIG Special Report by Walkie. These floating repros have been fooling collectors for a long while. TIG has now catalogued six of the known suspects. Click on their individual section links: Imperial Blaster Repro V5 *** Rebel Blaster Repro V4 *** Endor Blaster Repro V2 *** Palace Blaster Repro V3 *** Princess Leia Blaster Repro V5 *** Jawa Blaster Repro V5 You can read the full report HERE


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